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Joe Dassin, whose real name is Joseph, was born November 5, 1938 in New York (United States). He is the son of director Jules Dassin and violinist Beatrice Lautner. His parents give him a taste for artistic professions, but it is studying anthropology that will follow and conclude by obtaining a doctorate. In the late fifties, he comes to work in France with his father on the set of his films. He married Maryse Massiera the early sixties, thanks to her through a friend who works in a record that Joe Dassin recorded his first forty-five.

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This first screen test won the director of the label and calls Joe Dassin in the production of Jacques Plait. Thus began a long collaboration between the two men. The first album Joe Dassin released in 1966, followed by fifteen others. The tubes are linked together, just to name a few: "Les Dalton", "Whistling On The Hill", "Champs Elysees", "America", "If Your name is Melancholy" "Indian Summer", "Le Dernier Slow", etc.. Joe Dassin became the most French of Americans in the hearts of audiences and his death from a heart attack, August 20, 1980 shook thousands of fans. It remains today one of the singers of his generation of French favorites.

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