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Da Silva, his name is Emmanuel, born around 1976 in France. He loves music and always includes a punk band as a teenager in which he plays guitar and singing. Subsequently, he increased his musical experiences in various styles such as music or electronic music industry with former musicians from the Bronx drums. But it is finally alone with his guitar that Da Silva found his way. In 2005 he released his first album, "Summer In December" which will attract the public by the anachronism of the sad words to music filled with a certain gaiety. In 2007, Da Silva returns with its second album "From A Fine Day Coming" and confirms all the good that we thought of him asserting itself as a leader of the new French scene. In 2008 he composed the songs for the new album from Elsa Lunghini before devoting himself to writing his third album. "Carnival" was released in late 2009 and eleven titles that we once again cross the unique musical world of Da Silva.

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