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Cheryl Cole, whose real name is Cheryl Tweedy was born June 30, 1983 in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (United Kingdom). Children, she is drawn to show the world knew. She takes dance classes, and singing and comedy and featured in a few commercials and television shows. In 2002, she participated in the casting of the show "Popstars: The Rivals" and won the victory with four other girls to form a group "Girls Aloud". The group's success is enormous because the female group is the largest of the United Kingdom. In 2006 Cheryl married footballer Ashley Cole did not hesitate to change his stage name to honor his beloved. Between touring and studio sessions with Girls Aloud, Cheryl Cole finds time in 2009 to record his first solo opus. "Three Words" by the hit "Fight For This Love" is a beautiful mix of R'n'B, pop and dance that confirms the talent of the lovely Cheryl Cole.

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