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Christopher, whose real name Daniel Bevilacqua, was born October 13, 1945 at Juvisy-sur-Orge (France). As a child, he discovered a passion for song, first French with Sinatra and Becaud, then with American rockers and blues of the late fifties. He learned to play guitar and formed a band amateur. In 1962 he began a solo career and recorded his first forty-five the following year. The success comes in 1965 with the title "Aline" is the French tube of the year. Christophe knows when a huge success and He toured and recorded.

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Yet, far from the song for teenagers, Christophe dream of a more experimental music. His research earned him the music lost some of its fans and it was not until 1975 and the title "Les Mots Bleus" for he found favor with the public. In 1983, new success with the title "Success Fous. After this new success, Christophe slackened his pace and we have to wait thirteen years before the return with a new game "Bevilacqua". In 2001, with "Earth Comm'Si Addiction" Christopher charm his audience, then we must wait "Love What We Are" in 2008. With this album, Christophe shows the full extent of his talent and book into thirteen tracks share love magic surreal. One of the best albums of the year.

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