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Neneh Cherry, whose real name Marianne Karlsson, was born on 10 March 1964 in Stockholm (Sweden). His step-father a jazz trumpeter gives him the love of music. She left school and moved to London where she will participate in several post-punk groups. In the mid-eighties, it has already made a name in the musical in London. Meet Cameron McVey is a click and Neneh Cherry recorded his first solo album in 1989 ( "Raw Like Sushi). The album with influences from hip-hop a good omen for following the career of the singer.

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In 1992 she released her second album "Homebrew", but in 1996 with the album "Man" knows that his biggest success with titles including "Seven Seconds" and "Woman". Since Neneh Cherry has released a new solo album, but has so far not left the music world. In 2005, she worked with the group on the Gorillaz album Demon Days. " In 2006, she came out with the group Cirkus album "Laylow" and in 2009 the album "Medicine". Neneh Cherry is working on a new solo studio album which should be published in 2009.

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