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Luz Casal was born November 11, 1958 at Boimorto (Spain). Child, then a teenager, she took piano lessons, ballet and singing and dreams of following an artistic career. In 1980, she reveals to the public by registering a forty five towers that will rock followed by a debut album in 1982. Luz Casal will know a great success in Spain throughout the eighties. In 1991, she performed the song "Piensa En Mí" film "High Heels". This captivating interpretation will allow Luz Casal to become an international artist. Her subsequent albums sold hundreds of thousands of copies and can be regarded as one of the greatest representatives of the Spanish song in the world. The output of each new album was warmly welcomed by the public. The latest, "La Pasion", released in 2009, delivers twelve tracks on which the sensual and emotional voice of the beautiful Iberian transports us with sweetness and delight in his universe.

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