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The band The Cardigans, born of the encounter of Peter Svensson (guitar), Magnus Sveningsson (bass), Bengt Lagerberg (drums), Lars-Olof Johansson (keyboards) and Nina Persson (vocals) in 1992 in Jönköping (Sweden). It delivers a pop-rock that appeals to the producer Tore Johansson, who decided to promote the group. The group's first opus ( "Emmerdale") was released in 1994 and helps to The Cardigans to make known beyond the Swedish borders. The group's second opus, "Life" sold over a million copies.

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But it is with his third album "First Band On The Moon" in 1996 that The Cardigans knows his biggest success thanks in part under "Livefool. The success of this album is a big pressure on the group. In 1998, the album "Gran Turismo" more rock and less pop does not seduce the public and members of The Cardigans decide to pause in the life of the group to concentrate on solo projects (Nina Persson leaves the album "A Camp" in 2001). After five years of silence, returns with The Cardigans Long Gone Before Daylight "in 2003 and especially" Super Extra Gravity "in which the group develops its rock music and allows each member to assert itself fully.

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