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Colbie Caillat was born on 28 May 1985 in Newbury Park (USA). Thanks to his father, producer amongst other Fletwood Mac, Colbie grew up in a musical universe. She knew from the age of eleven years that it wants to become a singer and began writing his first songs. The piano and later guitar, his instrument of choice and she is created over the years a comprehensive directory. It does have to do know is where the magic of the Internet comes in. Colbie launches its securities on its homepage and in 2007 the title "Bubbly" is a real buzz. In total there will be heard more than 30 million times on the Internet.

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Colbie Caillat is a singer interressante for the record and signed his first contract. His album "Coco" was released in July 2007 and made a box from its sale. It must be said that the Californian folk-rock that distills the beautiful enough to delight. His voice soft and pleasant melodies and near-nonchalance, are all invitations to travel alongside the beautiful Colbie.

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