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Jeff Buckley was born November 17, 1966 in Anaheim, California (United States). His parents separated before his birth, Jeff was raised by his mother because his father, the singer Tom Buckley prefers to devote himself to his profession. Jeff is attracted by music as a teenager including progressive rock. With his first electric guitar he received for Christmas, he learned his first chords. He joined the jazz group of his high school in 1981 and in 1982 he formed his own rock band. These early experiences gave to Jeff Buckley desire to continue in music and in 1984 he enrolled at the Guitar Institute of Technology in Los Angeles. Although he gets his diploma and either open musically, Jeff Buckley is struggling to find its way.

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It will be part of several groups of reggae, then returns to a more rock music. In 1991, a trip to New York for a ceremony honoring his father will finally enable the career of Jeff explode. He met Gary Lucas with a great accessory that will create. The duo made several titles and occurs at Sin-é bar. Jeff was noticed by a label and sign a guarantee with it. He returned to Los Angeles and began recording an album. "Grace" was released in 1994 and will be followed by a lengthy tour which will take two years. The success was enormous and Jeff Buckley can not find time to compose. His group broke up in 1996 and finally found the urge to write. In early 1997, he has a lot of tracks ready to record and proposes to his new team entering the studio. On May 29, when he bathes in the Wolf River, Jeff Buckley drowned. It left thousands of fans orphans, but will know a huge posthumous recognition thanks to the album coming out after his death. Despite his short career, he is considered one of the major artists of the years ninety and marked the history of rock footprint.

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