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Dany Brillant, whose real name is David Cohen, was born December 28, 1965 in Tunis (Tunisia), but his family moved to France when he was a year. In 1979, his grandfather gave him his first guitar. He will learn to play alone, but no plans to pursue a musical career. In 1982, his Bachelor of pocket, Dany Brillant studying medicine. But slowly, the demon of music catches up. In 1986, he abandoned his studies to perform in cabarets of Saint Germain des Pres. There he goes prowling his music before getting out in 1990 by an executive of a record company.

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The music accents Latino Dany Brillant captivated audiences and became a leading French singers. Between concerts and recordings of Dany Brilliant album also finds time to devote to playing comedy in several films for cinema and television ( "Asterix at the Olympic Games," "Stage Fright", "Les Cordier, J. And Cop ", etc..). After the album "Jazz In New Orleans" in 2004 and 2007A cover album "From a Love Story", Dany Brillant returned in 2009 with the opus "Puerto Rico" on Cuban rhythms that make you want to move with music.

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