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Mike Brant, whose real name Moshe Brand, was born on 2 February 1947, Nicosia (Cyprus) from a Polish Jewish mother and a Russian Jewish father. His parents met at the end of the Second World War, during the liberation of Auschwitz where his mother is one of the few survivors. Mike was born in a transit camp before his parents moved to Israel where he will spend his childhood. He does not speak before the age of five years and remains a child rather contemplative. He will know the revelation of the song became eleven years the only boy of the choir of his church. Interpret the songs they do not suit it and when his brother offered him to become a singer of his group he accepted immediately.

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At the age of seventeen, he took his artist name and runs evenings Haifa nightclub at the Dan Caramel Hotel, then to Tel Aviv and finally to the Hilton hotel in Tehran where he will be out by Sylvie Vartan, who offered him to follow in Paris. Arriving in Paris in 1969, Mike Brant will meet with authors who go to work for him. His first title "Let me love you" rocks the girls and Mike brings to the front of the stage. It will increase the tube ( "Qui Saura", "Nothing That a Tear", "This is My Prayer", etc..) And is one of the most popular singers of the early seventies. Yet in its beautiful appearance, Mike Brant suffers his hectic life and harassment by his fans. Late 1974 he attempted suicide by jumping from the fifth floor of the Hotel de la Paix in Geneva. He will leave for a head injury and multiple fractures, but on 25 April 1975, jumping from his sixth floor of a Parisian building will be fatal. Mike Brant orphan leaves an audience and some titles incontournables variety of French.

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