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The English group Blur is born of the encounter between Damon Albarn (vocals, guitar) and Graham Coxon (vocals, guitar) since high school buddy who will join Alex James (bass guitar) and Dave Rowntree (drums) in 1989. The first group name is Seymour, but the record company who signed the group the board to change its name to Blur. It was under this name as the group released its first single "She's So High" that will meet a huge success and put into orbit the first Blur album in 1991: "Leisure".

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Blur quickly became the flagship of the British pop and will export its music around the world with the album "Parklife" in 1994. In the late 90s, Blur explores new horizons of musical instruments sounds and most popular rhytmiques whose album "13" is the perfect reflection. This album is the last group of four that since Graham Coxon Blur to become leader of his own group. So, in a trio, but with many guest-stars, that saves Blur "Think Tank" in 2003. This album marks the temporary end group because although no official announcement has been made, Blur will be on hold until December 2008. At that time the four musicians that announcement will happen on stage during the year 2009. This announcement does the upcoming release of a new album? Only time will tell.

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