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Gérard Blanc was born on 8 December 1947. Her parents listen to a lot of music, but his discovery of rock and roll that will revolutionize life in the early sixties. He uses a guitar provided by his uncle and some friends playing to reproduce the securities it intends to radio ( "Beatles", "Rolling Stones", "Ray Charles", etc..) Leisure his passion became a reason to live, Gérard Blanc offered his first guitar and formed his first group: "The Windings". The group manages to find some commitments. Some tour boat, a commitment of several months in Africa, separations, new friends, a record company and all this alchemy of giving the French flagship group of the seventies: "Martin Circus" .

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The band split in 1987 and Gérard continues in his solo career with what would be the tube of his new career, "another story". Tireless singer and guitarist, Gérard Blanc shared his time between compositions for movies, concerts and recording albums. On 24 January 2009, Gérard Blanc dies of a brain haemorrhage which left all these fans and orphans mark the end of a beautiful story.

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