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Jane Birkin was born December 14, 1946 in London (United Kingdom) a father commander in the Royal Navy and an actress mother. It's like his mother Jane took her first steps before the cameras in 1964 in "The Knack ... and How to Get It". It was during this filming she met the composer John Barry, whom she married (the couple to a daughter, Kate Barry was born in 1967). In 1966, Jane Birkin plays in "Blow Up", this film won the Palme D'Or at Cannes and propels Jane on the front of the stage. She dreams of a career and tried his luck in France. The casting it happening is a failure, but allows him to meet Serge Gainsbourg. She quickly became his companion and Serge wrote it for his first songs.

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His English accent, the sound of his voice, lyrics and music are Gainsbourg Jane Birkin singing one of the most popular in the late sixties. Jane gave birth to Charlotte Gainsbourg in 1971, but this in no way restricting his career, quite the contrary. She turned to film and recorded several albums. His break with Gainsbourg and his meeting with the filmmaker Jacques Doillon (they all have one daughter, Lou Doillon), in the early eighties, it can give new impetus to his career in film. Jane Birkin finds himself in the credits of films and drama and adds a new string to his bow. Since 1985 she even plays regularly at the theater. The death of Serge Gainsbourg in 1991 was a shock to Jane, but even so it does not abandon the song and continues to record new album without Serge. In 2002, she was initially a huge success with the album "Arabesque" which includes eastern orchestrations with some of the titles written by Serge Gainsbourg. In 2007, Jane Birkin wrote directed and starred in "Boxes", it shows another facet of his many talents. In 2008, with their sixteenth studio album "Children of Winter" Jane proves she also knows how to write because it is the author of the text of the twelve tracks that comprise the album.

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