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Marilou Berry was born on 1st February 1983 in Paris (France). She is the daughter of the sculptor Philippe Berry (brother of actor Richard Berry) and the actress Josiane Balasko. She made her first steps before the cameras at the age of eight years in "My life is hell" and one will discover true passion for comedy. It abandons the classical studies at sixteen and enrolled at the Conservatoire. There she took courses in drama and get some training on shooting. In 2004, she landed the lead role of "Comme Une Image" and is nominated for her to Césars masterly interpretation of evil in a teenager's skin. This is the beginning of a beautiful career for the young girl who is filming enchainer and gradually become a star of the french cinema. In addition to the cinema monte Marilou Berry regularly on stage and receives the revelation of Molière Theater for "Toc-Toc" Baffie Laurent in 2006. In 2008, she acted in the comedy "Vilaine" the role of a kind that decides to change and become evil.

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