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George Benson was born on 22 March 1943 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA). He sang from a young age and recorded his first title at the age of ten years. However, it will no longer hear from him until 1961 when he joined the jazz organist Jack Mc Duff. It will be so talented that it will offer in 1964 to record an album as a leader "The New Boss Guitar." George Benson is on his own in 1965 forming his own group "George Benson Quartet. Starts a career astonishing. The biggest names in jazz want with them: Ron Carter, Miles Davis, Billy Cobham, Herbie Hancock, etc.. and make him one of jazz guitarists of the most prominent.

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Despite this recognition of the artistic community, his albums do not deserve the success and it was not until the mid-seventies rewarded for at fair value. George Benson has directed his music to jazz-funk, closer to the tastes of the public and the height of his career will be reached with the album "Give Me The Night" with the tube to make eponymous worldwide in 1980. Thereafter, George Benson returned to a jazz music-soul, perhaps a little less commercial but provides a real pleasure for the audience attentive. On average an album every two years, it is always a great pleasure to get carried away in the wonderful world of Mr. Benson knows to surround himself with great musician to deliver superb productions.

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