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The BB Brunes is a French rock band born from the encounter of Adrian (guitar, vocals), Raphael (bass) and Karim (drums). The oldest of the band at only thirteen years old when the group gave its first concert in which he will play in loop three titles in his repertoire. To complete the group, Felix, the second guitarist joins the group. The matter becomes more serious and the group of friends from the experience acquired by multiplying small concerts. Over time, the group abandoned the times to play his own compositions in 2005 and a chance to smile BB Brunes. A model seduces a producer who signs the group.

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The BB Brunes will be able to record their first album, under too much pressure Raphael decided to leave the group (will be replaced later by Béraldi Crambes). In 2007, "Blonde Like Me" was released, in eleven titles BB Brunes manage to reach an audience that is found in the lyrics and lose in the basic music, but electric. The album is gold and BB Brunes multiplient concerts across France while working on writing the second album.

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