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Alain Bashung was born on 1st December 1947 in Paris (France) a Kabyle father and a mother of Brittany. Abandoned by his father, he will grow up with his grandparents in Wingersheim. Child, he learned the harmonica and sings like a choirboy in the church of his city. At the age of twelve years, he returned to Paris and discovers rock music. It will soon want to imitate these American singers and will mount its first group. The result will be a long series of groups, 45 tours, concerts, compositions and meetings, but Alain Bashung fails to penetrate. It was not until 1979 and the album "Russian Roulette" for success with the title "Gaby Oh Gaby".

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Rock Alain finally fly and his next album "Pizza" contains the second title, "Vertige In Love", which will allow it to capture an audience of believers. Thereafter Alain Bashung does not seek to make commercial albums and surprise each time with his new album. From the dark and wonder "Figure Imposed in 1983," Petroleum Blue "in 2008 through" Fantaisie Militaire ", best album spent the last twenty years at the Victoires de la Musique 2005 or" Song of Songs "duet with Chloe Mons (his wife since 2001), Alain Bashung became a key figure of French rock. Two weeks after his victory in music Alain Bashung died on 14 March 2009 from lung cancer. It leaves an orphan all his fans and a large gap in the French rock.

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