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Barbara, whose real name was Monique Serf, born June 9, 1930 in Paris (France). She dreams of becoming a pianist and singer, but war will dampen his ambitions. In 1946, his parents offered him singing lessons and he rented a piano on which she quickly showed a talent. She took courses at the Conservatoire de Paris, but quickly abandoned. In 1948 she made her first public appearance as a singer in an operetta. However, she struggles to find other commitments and early fifties, Barbara moved to Belgium where she encounters is crucial for the rest of his career. In 1952 she became co-owner of a tavern and his name eventually reach the ears of a head of a record company who asked him to record two songs in 1955.

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Back in Paris in 1956, Barbara sings in many nightclubs and password for the first time on television in 1958. This time his career really took off. She wrote her first pieces in this period and became more and more as a great artist. Titles like "Nantes", "Göttingen", "Au Bois De Saint-Amand", "Say, when are you coming back?" are huge tubes and affirms the importance of Barbara in the world of French song. In the early seventies cinema tries Barbara, without much success. It is also during this time she decides to leave the world of music. She recorded a few songs like "Black Eagle" and "Marienbad" remains among his most important successes. In 1981, after eight years of silence, Barbara returned with a new album "Only". Despite this lack of bins in record stores, Barbara remains active and runs through the stages of the world to deliver hundreds of concerts, but his failing health forced her to abandon the scene in 1994. She returns with a new self-titled album in 1996 after fifteen long years of waiting for her many fans. On November 24, 1997, Barbara died of food poisoning lightning. She leaves to France an important cultural heritage and its place in the history of French song.

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