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The Air was born from the meeting of Jean-Benoit Dunckel (born September 7, 1969) and Nicolas Godin (born December 25, 1969) on the banks of the Lycée Jules Ferry in Versailles (France). Accompanied by two other buddies, they mount a group that will be ephemeral. The constraints of each school ring end group. Jean Benoit, parallel studies of mathematics became members of a new group and Nicolas continued to compose for pleasure. One of his childhood friends asked him to compose a title for a compilation. Success is not huge, but this revival of Nicolas desire to pursue a musical career.

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He contacted his old friend Jean-Benoit and the duo composed some songs that will be published in singles. The Air was born. In 1998, the first album ( "Moon Safari") the band released. The original sounds proposed by the duo, taking a mixture of electronic sounds and traditional instruments mixed with voices reworked computer, meet immediate success. Air became the flagship band of the late ninety. Sofia Coppola contacts to ensure the composition of the soundtrack of his debut feature "The Virgin Suicides" in 2000. This work complements the success of the group that became known to the world. The album follows the group, always oriented electro sold around the world and Air can boast of being a worthy representative of French music. As such, the group received in 2005 a knighthood in the Order of Arts and Letters. In 2006 Air composed the music for the new album Charlotte Gainsbourg "5:55". In 2007 Air released the album "Pocket Symphony" in Japanese sounds and sonic exploration continues in 2009 with "Love 2".

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