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Salvatore Adamo was born on 1st November 1943 in Comiso, Sicily (Italy), but will grow in Belgium, where his father moved in 1947 to work in mines. Singer at heart, he was noticed in 1960 by winning a contest organized by Radio Luxembourg. Adamo is for the beginning of a long career that will mark the French variety of the sixties and seventies. It goes like tubes "You Let Mr", "I forgot that roses are roses," It's My Life. "Salvatore Adamo sing France but do not hesitate to record some of its titles German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, etc.

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It occurs around the world and his albums sell more than one hundred million copies making it the biggest seller of CDs from Belgium. It is partly for this reason that the king of the Belgians, Albert II, grants Salvatore Adamo Chavalier title in 2001. The eighties will see Salvatore Adamo away from the front of the stage due to heart problems. This does not continue to record an album about every three years. Always as a poet in its infancy, Adamo texts touching book and told him as Jacques Brel, he remains a "tender love of the gardener".

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