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Aaron is the group born from the encounter in 2004 by Simon Buret et Olivier Courier. Simon Buret is an actor, but also writes texts. Olivier Coursier about him is a musician and plays with the band Mass Hysteria. The meeting of two men will soon be successful in a few months, they wrote and implemented a dozen titles. Yet their respective separate for some time, but the magic of their musical union continues to operate. In 2005, Simon is involved in casting the film "Je Vais Bien Ne Fait Pas T'en" Philippe Lioret prepared. He took the opportunity to propose the title of the duo "U-Turn (Lili)". The director decided to make this song the music of his film. At the film's release, the title of a real AaRON cardboard for download on the Internet and allows the group released its first album in early 2007: "Artificial Animals Riding On Neverland". Melancholic pop music meets a great success and the first album the group sold over one hundred and fifty thousand copies.

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